Custom Axle Housings

Front and rear axles, custom widths, trussing, brackets and steering mounts for your specific needs.

This custom rear is originally from a Chevy Camaro and is being installed into an S 10 pickup.

The c clip axles were eliminated by welding on the 9 inch ford style brg ends and using custom made axleshafts. Once again we used the knowledge and expertise of CL machining to help design the tools.

Custom Axle Housing Process

Setting up to cut tubes to length.

Housing after both sides cut.

Housing trued up on the bridgeport to square the tube ends.

Shows installation of custom made tool to align housing and weld on brg ends.

Shows the brg end tack welded to the housing end and the alignment puck in place in the end of the brg end.

Brg end fully welded to the tube.

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