GM 10 Bolt 8.5"

Tech Information

The GM 10 bolt 8.5″ rear-end has been around a long time.

This is an excellent differential for light duty vehicles. Also a fairly strong unit considering it came in mostly the half ton trucks. One of the drawbacks is the gov loc limited slip carrier that GM used. This unit uses a series of small spinning shafts that fling out a camed sprag to engage teeth on the end of the shaft to make both wheels turn. The problem is that once you start spinning the wheels and these parts engage at a high rate of speed, the shafts tend to break and take out the rest of the gears.

When the diff needs to be rebuild it is strongly advised that you pick a different style of limited slip carrier to supply the traction.

We at CT axle use the Yukon Dura Grip brand carrier as a replacement to the gov loc and have had many satisfied customers since then.

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